Saturday, February 25, 2017 // Price College of Business, Adams Hall, Second Floor

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Time Event Speaker(s) Location(s)
8:45-9:00am Registration & Continental Breakfast Adams 255, Lobby
9:00-10:00am Welcome and Q&A Session Simin Pulat, Vice Provost for Faculty Development, Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering Adams 255
10:00-10:45pm (Choose one) Preparing Your Individual Portfolio. For Early Stage Faculty [Download ppt]

Research Impact and Library Support ppt

Simin Pulat, Vice Provost for Faculty Development

Molly Strothmann

Adams 255
What you can do right now! For Late Stage Faculty [Download ppt] Emily Johnson, Chair of Campus Tenure Committee, Associate Professor of Modern Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics Price 2010
10:45-11:15am Break and Browsing Dossiers Adams 255
11:15-12:30pm (Choose one) Panel Discussions with Recently Tenured Faculty Members
  • Dan Butko, Associate Professor of Architecture
  • Lisa Holliday, Associate Professor of Construction Science
Price 2065
Fine Arts
  • Alison Fields, Associate Professor of Arts & Arts History (Visual Arts)
Price 2030
  • Kevin Butterfield, Associate Professor of Classics & Letters
  • Miriam Gross –Associate Professor of History & International & Area Studies
  • Jim Zeigler, Associate Professor of Engish
Price 2010
  • Kyle Bergerson, Associate Professor of Journalism & Mass Communication
Price 2005
Social Sciences
  • Karen Hennes, Associate Professor of Accounting
Price 2020
  • Kash Barker, Associate Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Christian Lemon, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Laura Bartley, Associate Professor of Microbiology & Plant Biology
Adams 255
12:30 – 1:00pm (Only for CAS Faculty) Discussion of Internal Process in the College of Arts and Sciences Kelvin White, Associate Dean for Faculty Development & Community. Adams 255



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